About website. 

Welcome to my creative content page. 


Galleries and blogs of creative content.

Visual arts, including digital and non digital content can be easily viewed and accessed. 

Types of Content

Digital Arts through Adobe: Photoshop and Illustrator, 3-D modeling works in Maya. Non-digital artwork with a wide range of media: watercolor, pastels, colored pencils, acrylic, oils and my personal favorite of good old fashioned pencil and paper. 

Some non-digital art has been auto-enhanced in Photoshop for clarity, but otherwise is created by non-digital media (pencil, watercolor, paints, ink, etc.)

My art pieces are regularly on display and for sale at Moji Coffee and More. I am creating many acrylic pieces. I like realistic pieces, but sometimes delve into the unusual as well. Every day I come across something in the world and I take photos, because that is something that I would like to paint or draw.